Recital Season

Posted on Thursday, March 31st, 2016 by Mikayla Bergeron

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 4.39.45 PMApril at Concordia College is also known as recital season. It is this time of the year when the music department is at its busiest. During the month of April students are completing their senior and junior recitals and has been estimated around twenty recitals occur during this month alone.

The first weekend in April will feature three music majors, Sadie Cheslak, Nathan Thelen, and David Jensen. David Jensen, a senior, will be performing on viola, while Sadie Cheslak and Nathan Thelen will be singing in their junior recitals.

The following weekend, April 16th will feature three singers, Nathan Lindgren, Lily Mackenzie-Olson, and Sarah Waller. Nathan will sing a full recital himself while Lily and Sarah will perform in a recital together.

Each concert showcases performers on the music they have worked incredibly hard on throughout their time at Concordia College. Recitals can have as many as five sets, with four to six pieces of music in each set. For a music major that is a lot of time spent working to perfect your music. If you are looking to spend your weekend surrounded by music, come and listen to these wonderful performers. They will surely provide you with a performance you will not forget.

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