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Posted on Saturday, April 30th, 2016 by Austin Gerth


“I cried when I wrote this song.” – Steely Dan, “Deacon Blues”

Since November of 2012, I’ve written 311 posts for The COBBlog. It’ll be 312 once I’ve finished writing this one, which will be my last, since I’m graduating tomorrow. I’ve been blogging here for three and a half years. It’s the longest job I’ve held in my life.

I’ve written at length about my music geekdom on this blog, and I’ve toyed almost since I started writing with the idea of putting together a list of my best blog posts at the end of a year, or a semester, just like some classic rock band heading past its prime, but I’ve never actually done it till now. Below you’ll find links to a subjective selection of my “greatest hits” for the blog. I have tried to represent every year I’ve been at Concordia, and to get good examples of every classic subtype of COBBlog post: doing stuff on campus posts, doing stuff off campus posts, breaks from school posts, summer posts, too much homework posts, no homework posts, it’s really cold in Fargo-Moorhead posts, introspective posts, and, of course, random posts about music I’ve been listening to.

I haven’t started packing or cleaning yet because I’ve been looking through all my old blog posts for this. It’s been a predictably fun and nostalgic way to spend my time today. Some people do their best to document all their memories in photographs, but for the last four years it turns out I’ve preserved mine through blog posts. (And, if you click through some of the posts linked below, you’ll notice that the photos accompanying them are almost uniformly lazy and bad.)

The writing changes with time: Freshman and sophomore years are represented most — although there’s a lot about my writing back then that embarrasses me now, there’s also an energy to those posts that the later ones lack; junior year, which was by far the hardest of my years at Concordia, is represented by the least, and least distinctive, posts; in senior year I got my groove back a little bit and developed a more reflective, perhaps more mature voice for some posts. Or maybe I’m crazy and they’re all the same, all just okay.

Mostly I hope that these posts, flaws and typos and all, shed some light on the experiences, and especially the people, that have made this place a home to me these last four academic years. People and experiences are the currency the value of your college education, and, indeed, probably your whole life, ought to be measured in, not in dollars, not jobs, not degrees.

So, if you’re also a graduating senior, and you’re reading this, and you decide to click on one, or two, or all of the links below, I hope you’ll find something in them that maybe reflects your experience of Concordia just as much as mine. And if you’re a prospective student looking for reasons to come to Concordia, well, here are 20:

Escort Nation

A Pawnshop Odyssey

Road Trip 2: Erin Thompson Edition/’The Hobbit

Bowling (And Not Bowling)

The Time My iPod Went Missing for 10 Days Without Explanation

Chicago Part I: The Megabus

The Overcoat

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The Maiden Voyage of My Milkshake Maker

The Snowbank

Fudge in Anderson Commons

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We No Longer Live in Filth

Class Profile: Symbolic Logic

Who Are These Interesting Books For?

Chill Times in Fargo-Moorhead

I’m Just Gonna Talk About the New Beach House Album

I Got a Couch off the Street

My Star Wars Story

Real College v. Vampire Weekend Lyrics

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