I MC’d COSS And It Was Pretty Swell

Posted on Saturday, April 16th, 2016 by Austin Gerth

Me presenting.

Me presenting.

Wednesday was Concordia’s annual Celebration Student Scholarship (aka COSS), during which (most) classes are cancelled in favor of attendance at student-led presentations of curricular and extra-curricular research projects they’ve completed over the course of the year. The Celebration has, during my time here at Concordia, tended to land on a beautiful spring day each year, which is nice, and this one was no exception. Going through four years at Concordia without presenting something at COSS is not something I would recommend. (And if you need ideas about research presentations, I have them; coming up with outlandish COSS topics is a minor hobby of mine.)

This year I had the greatest level of involvement I’ve ever had with the Celebration. I was selected by the English Department’s writing faculty to represent the writing program with a presentation that I ended up devoting to my freelance music writing for the Local Current blog over the years, though what, exactly, I talked about was pretty much left up to me. In addition to giving a presentation, however, I was also invited this year to act as host/MC of the Celebration. This role basically meant I had the pleasure of providing a few opening remarks to kick off the Celebration before the first morning poster session, and that I was sort of generally around for much of the rest of the day’s festivities. I found out last week that, unsurprisingly, it was my professor and research mentor Dr. Duncan, along with a Postcolonial Lit classmate of mine who served on COSS’s planning committee, who pushed for me to be MC; Dr. Duncan mentioned my “ease in public” as a reason for my candidacy, which was certainly the first time I’ve ever been described with such a phrase.

Me giving my opening remarks.

Me giving my opening remarks.

Shouts out to Zach Lipp for his cutting-edge data analysis of Kanye West lyrics, and to Ellen Rethwisch for reading her English Dept. grant-funded poetry, which was wonderful.

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