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Posted on Friday, April 15th, 2016 by Ali Froslie

A schedule is often my saving grace.

A schedule is often my saving grace.

It’s no secret, Cobbers are busy people. On any given weekday (and the weekends too!) you’ll see students traversing the campus on their way to classes, meetings, the library, the printer, the theatre, a practice room, DS or the Maize, work… you get the picture.

My days on campus are typically busy as well, but this Friday was a bit busier than normal. So, here we are, folks, I present to you “A Day in the Life of One Young Cobber.”

7:00am: Alarm goes off. Angry arm flailing. I eventually turn it off.

7:04am: I’ll just lay here just a bit longer…

7:07am: Okay, seriously get up.

7:50am: Arrive in classroom. Silently curse the three flights of stairs I stumbled up.

8:00am-9:10am: Nonfiction workshop session. My piece was up for discussion today, so during our hour and ten minutes, I rotated between three groups of classmates to hear what they had to say about my writing– what they liked, and what they suggested for improvement. It’s a really cool process and very helpful!

9:15am: Run back to dorm room… I forgot my lap top.

9:15am-10:20am: Study a bit longer for Biology 101 exam.

10:30am-11:00am: Take Biology 101 exam. Try not to cry.

11:00am-12:00pm: Set up camp in a practice room in Hvidsten. Warm up before choir audition.

12:00pm: Audition again for choir… very excited for next year!

12:00-1:00pm: Poke at homework. Literally and figuratively (but mostly figuratively).

1:00pm-1:40pm: Conduct an interview for work. Get inspired.

1:40pm-2:40pm: Write an email, write a blog post.

2:40pm-3:50pm: Attend Cultural Anthropology- talk about marriage cultures in different parts of the world. Leave intrigued.

3:50pm-5:00pm: Traverse back to dorm room. Wash dishes.

5:00pm-6:15pm: Final choir and orchestra rehearsal before Masterworks concert on Sunday at 7pm! (Be there or be square!)

6:15pm-7:00pm: Dinner… DS had kit kat bars. Yum!

7:00pm-on: a mix of procrastination and homework. Finals are coming, but the Netflix temptation is also very strong. 🙂

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