End of the year Hu-Hot with Concordia On-Air

Posted on Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 by Kallie Eberling

Tonight an on-campus organization I am a part of- Concordia On-Air is taking the entire group out for Hu Hot. It will be our end of the year celebration where will have food from the Mongolian grill and our advisor will be bringing cake!

Tomorrow we will have our last show. Concordia On-Air is a great organization to get involved in, and nearly everyone can apply their interests to the group. This semester I have worked as News Director, previously I was a News Anchor. As an anchor I wrote and presented piece on our weekly live broadcast. As a News Director I coordinate the stories that News Anchors will deliver as well as collecting and sending graphics in that relate to the stories.

A large portion of On-Air is about the behind the scenes productions of a news program- this is called tech. A lot goes into the production of a show, and a lot of this I am still unaware of, but I hope to learn more about tech next year On-Air.

If news or tech doesn’t spark your interest you could also be a part of the sports segment. Finally, we have arts and entertainment and hosts. A & E reports all things campus entertainment and hosts literally host the show!

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