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Posted on Saturday, April 16th, 2016 by Ben Deetz

My new battery and the package it came in.

My new battery and the package it came in.

With only about two weeks classes left until summer, I ran into some unfortunate computer problems. The battery for my laptop apparently died or broke in some way, and as a result I could only use my laptop if it was plugged in. The computer would say “0% plugged in, not charging.” This isn’t great news obviously. So I ended up having to get a new battery shipped in to replace this old one if I wanted to use my laptop in a portable way at all as finals approach. This time of year is very stressful as students try and prepare for the inevitable onslaught that is finals week. With Summer so close, it’s hard to focus in and grind out the last of the schoolwork for the year. My laptop complications only added to procrastination. I would often not work on a paper of a project because I didn’t want to go through the hassle of having to plug my computer in. Today, my new battery finally came in the mail, and it feels glorious to have a properly functioning laptop again. Now I just need to stop procrastinating and  power out two papers and prepare for the one finals test I have. Summer is right around the corner and couldn’t come any sooner.

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