Been Doin’ Readings Lately

Posted on Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 by Austin Gerth


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Every once in a great while, if you’re a student involved in creative writing here at Concordia, opportunities to read your work publicly on campus may arise, and you should always take those opportunities.

This past week has been an anomaly for me in the reading department, in that I found myself, by some stroke of luck, doing two readings, two nights in a row. It is probably obvious to folks who’ve been in classes with me that I really like reading stuff aloud, to a degree that I’m sure has probably been mildly annoying to some, so this was a situation I was more than OK with finding myself in. On Wednesday I and two other students read at the English Department’s Creative Writing Award reading. Somehow a bunch of my friends found out about the event and showed up, which was surprising, but heartwarming. (I also scored like a dozen mini-scones from the refreshment table after everyone left, which have made the past few mornings pretty rad.) Then on Thursday I was one of many students who read at the Djembe/AfterWork/Concordia’s Beat release party in The Maize. The fun will continue into next week too, with Monday’s final class period of the Senior Writing Seminar being devoted to a reading of our completed work, open to the public.

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