Posted on Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 by Ali Froslie

I'll start feeling the nostalgia soon... remembering Halloween and everything before and between too. It was a good year.

I’ll start feeling the nostalgia soon… remembering Halloween and everything before and between too. It was a good year.

The sentimentality is going to set in soon; I know it. I’m a pretty sentimental person. I keep random things because of the value I assign to them– books, tickets, letters, the label off my choir robe hanger. They are outwardly pretty meaningless, but to me they are the witnesses to some of my best memories. It’s a bit silly, but I can’t help myself. I do the same thing with places. Recognizing where a specific memory happened and assigning special meaning to that place, couch, patch of floor…

I end my sophomore year of college in approximately four days. I have all my finals throughout the day on Wednesday, then I’ll go back to my dorm room, pack up my things, hand in my key, and head home. Right now, I’m too busy to feel sentimental. I’ve got three tests to study for and a forty page manuscript to revise. But I’m predicting it– on Monday or Tuesday night I’ll start getting the first bittersweet flutters in my stomach. I’ll start looking around the emptying room and thinking, ah, that’s where we all watched New Girl on Friday nights. That’s where I studied my butt off for that test. That’s where our twinkle lights hung after we put them up on the hottest night of the century (maybe not quite, but it sure felt like it).

On Monday or Tuesday night I’ll start realizing that our nights are numbered in that dorm room together, and I’ll get very nostalgic. I got the same way last year. The knowledge that the space will soon not be ours anymore… no memories will be made within those walls. As I walk out of the door, I’ll be closing the door on my entire sophomore year.

Yeah, I’ll be back next year, and my roommates and I will continue to make memories. But, it will be different. Each year is different, and this year was so fun and interesting and instrumental in my development as a human being. All these thoughts will be coming soon. Right now, however, I’ve got to get back to studying. Everything in its right time. 🙂

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