Posted on Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 by Mikayla Bergeron

1383226_669323263086341_1529116310_nThis Monday Dr. Clausen met with the returning members of The Concordia Choir and the hopeful students auditioning for a position in next year’s choir. Every year Dr. Clausen meets one-on-one with students auditioning for next year’s choir in an initial audition and then on the evening of the Masterworks concert when he posts a list for callbacks. Callbacks are when the returning members of each section meet with the students who have moved on to the second audition phase. At this point Dr. Clausen hears the returning members to figure out what type of voice he needs to find for the section and then goes to work hearing the students auditioning for the position. Once Dr. Clausen has found the voice he thinks will fit in well with the section, he shakes their hand and leads them across the threshold into their new section.

Those auditioning for my section had an extremely tough year for being accepted. This year only two members from the alto one section graduated, which means there were only two positions open in the section for those trying to make it into the choir. After about twenty-five minutes of back and forth singing between the returning members and the auditioning students, Dr. Clausen made his decision. The alto one section for the 2016-17 school year is ready to sing next year. Congratulations and welcome to all of the new members.

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