Saw Hippo Campus Again — This Time in Fargo

Posted on Thursday, April 28th, 2016 by Austin Gerth

I tried to take a photo while the band were playing, but it didn't turn out very well.

I tried to take a photo while the band were playing, but it didn’t turn out very well.

Back in November I reviewed the first headlining show at First Avenue of a young Twin Cities band called Hippo Campus. At that time the band were coming off a summer spent touring, and the sold-out First Ave show was a pretty big milestone. A couple weeks back, I ended up making Hippo Campus one of two local artists I focused on in my COSS presentation about my work. They’re not my favorite band, but they might be my favorite local band. (Well, favorite currently active local band–they get beaten out by Prince and The Replacements if we take a longer view.)

Hippo Campus have been in a state of perpetual ascendancy for two straight years, and, if they drop a debut full-length album this year as they seem to be threatening to do, then, who knows, they might become a pretty big deal on a national level. But for now they’re still small enough outside the Minneapolis-St. Paul area that they come to Fargo and play the Aquarium, in downtown, on a Tuesday, and they sell out slowly enough that you can buy tickets at the door if you show up a little early. So, on a whim, my girlfriend and I went with a couple of our friends. The show was good. Hippo Campus are a really good live band–they play like one big instrument. They played a couple of new songs, which generally had slightly mellower vibes to them; one had a great falsetto vocal melody on the verses that made me excited to see what they do next.

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