Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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Thanks to numerous on campus organizations and involved students, Concordia’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrations were incredibly fascinating.  Numerous students from different backgrounds and creeds came together as a community to celebrate the life and legacy of one of America’s greatest leaders, Dr. King.


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But today was not just about Dr. King; instead, diversity as a whole was celebrated on campus.  A student kicked-off the day by talking about Modern India.  Following that was a chapel service celebrating the life and purpose of Martin Luther King Jr.  The keynote speaker, Ta-Nehisi Coates, a senior editor at The Atlantic, talked not just about Dr. King, but also today’s politics, the Civil War, hip-hop music, and the media.  Additionally, much of his time was devoted to student questions.

I had the pleasure of eating lunch with Mr. Coates.  At lunch, I talked about my home state of Tennessee and the race problems that still exist because of its involvement in the Civil War.

One of my professors led a concurrent session discussion with Mr. Coates that was about Kanye West and issues of race in popular culture.

The best part of the day was being able to discuss with my friends the topics that were presented by today’s speakers.

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