Learning at Long Lake

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My environmental studies class had another fun-filled field trip, this time to Concordia’s Long Lake site near Detroit Lakes, Minn.  The trip, much shorter than the Language Villages excursion, focused on water quality and soil samples.

The Long Lake Site, near Detroit Lakes, Minn.

We split up in several groups:  one went to a harvested soy bean field and began to dig up some soil; the other, in a grassland.  Then two additional groups focused on nearby grasses.  After we collected and identified the grasses, talked about the differences in soils, we headed along the lake to do the same thing.

It was a pretty simple task, but we brought the samples back to Concordia for future lab use.  The trip was fun because it allowed a non-science major like myself the opportunity to visit this site that students and faculty do summer research at, that ecology classes visit regularly, and that one would assume is reserved just for those folks–the science elite, as I like to say.

Again, in the middle of fall, the tree colors were magnificent.  And the weather: unbeatable. The ability to do all of this work along a lake was an incredible bonus.  It’s always nice for this Tennessean to visit other parts of the Land of 10,000 lakes, appreciating the difference in topography.

If you’re firmly rooted in the humanities like myself, this class is an excellent choice.  You get a hint of science, with the ability to also discuss law, politics, economics, and sociology.  Not too shabby.

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