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Happiness: A Three-Part Blog Series

Posted in Mackenzie McCloud on January 14th, 2015 by Mackenzie McCloud – Be the first to comment
"A smile takes just a moment, but the memory of it lasts forever."

“A smile takes just a moment, but the memory of it lasts forever.”

Yesterday in my Wellness lecture, we touched on a lot of different things, but the main focus was psychological health. Probably my favorite part of class was when we got to talking about when we’re happy. For me, it’s easy to get into a deep philosophical discussion about happiness as an extended state of being versus a temporary condition versus a handful of chemicals you can get from a pharmacy (courtesy my inquiry seminar from last semester, Brain Enhancement). BUT that’s not what was discussed. It was way better. It was all of it. It was all the things, big and little, you do or experience throughout your day that might make you happy. You could choose anything that makes you happy to share with your group, however silly or trivial or ridiculous it may have been.

This wasn’t on my list, but it definitely should have been. Part One of Happiness: I am happy when other people make me smile.


That’s too easy, right? Maybe it is. And I’ve talked about it before. But it’s true. Smiles are incredibly powerful. Potent. They’re contagious, infectious. Fast-acting. When people make me smile, I’m automatically happy. I’m actually pretty sure the use of those facial muscles triggers an emotional response (I know there’s a study on that somewhere out there). It could be a corny joke (Cobber humor at its finest), just someone randomly complimenting me on a scarf, or even laughing at the way I talk (I still can’t believe some of y’all think I sound funny).

That’s the most amazing thing, though: When someone goes out of their way, makes a tiny bit of extra effort, to make my day. It’s so easy to do, make someone’s day. That girl holding the door for you? Let her know you think she looks exceptional when you toss her a quick ‘thank you.’ (I kid you not, this might change the course of an entire week.) The guy sitting at the far table in the library? You heard him sing one night in the Maize (or any place you could hear someone sing), and it was amazing! Tell him. Or hey, it’s Wednesday. There is very little emotional significance to a Wednesday, in my opinion. So what better time to drop a sweet note, or some flowers, or a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card, in a loved one’s mailbox/doorway/office/etc.? That’s right. There is no better time than right now. It doesn’t even have to be a material thing. In fact, I am going to text my brothers after I post this, and tell them exactly what they mean to me. Because all we’re guaranteed is right now. This second, this moment. And then it’s gone. So, yes, when someone takes a couple extra steps and a couple extra breaths to tell me he thinks my hair is pretty, I’m happy. When I get a massively (and wonderfully) long text from a friend back home, telling me that she feels just as connected to me, like she can still talk to me as if I’m right there, even though we haven’t seen each other for months, yes, I’m happy. Because he didn’t have to do that. She didn’t have to do that. They had their ‘right now’s, and they chose to spend them on me.

Think about that for a second. Some people know all too well that one second, that one tiny moment, would change everything.

We, as individuals gifted and blessed with multiple means of communication, have an unbelievable power of influence that should not be taken lightly. I think we sometimes take it for granted. And I think we sometimes misuse it. It’s a choice. Choose to smile. Choose to make other people smile.

This post is dedicated to the memory of a young woman who chose. She gave an infinite number of smiles, and left us with infinitely more.

Suzannah Catherine Piercy

December 26, 1995 – Forever. Forever, sweet girl. I promise.



Winsome Work

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It's always a great day to be a Cobber!

My boss affectionately nailed me in the face with a box of candy on my first day. It was awesome.

They say if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. I wholeheartedly agree with that.

I could talk for days about what I’m lovin’ in Cobberville. I love the fact that “Cobber” is Yiddish for ‘comrade’ and 20th century Australian slang for ‘long time friend or companion,’ and that those definitions perfectly match this college’s atmosphere. I love that my least favorite thing about this school is how much I want/am enticed to be involved in EVERYTHING. I love that people here call me Georgia. I love my softball team, all my fellow athletes, my musically-inclined friends, my classes, my professors, the adventures, the squirrels, the FOOD – all of it.

And I love that it’s my job to talk about all of it.

Working with Admissions as a Student Ambassador has been one of the coolest parts about being here at Concordia. Great doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling I have when I call prospective students, or send them a postcard, or host them here at the school. They’re always asking me how I ‘ended up’ in Moorhead, Minnesota, of all places. My standard response is that I spun a globe and just pointed – “Hmm, guess I’m going to school somewhere in North Dakota. Or is that Minnesota? My finger’s right on the border..” – which is a fun ice breaker for when I go into why I’m actually here: It’s an awesome place to be.

Along with sharing the fabulousness of Concordia, I really enjoy just getting to know people. I have a blast with all of my fellow Ambassadors and talking life with everyone who works the perks of the Welcome Center – one of which, I learned today, is signing a dog’s cast. I actually feel really uncomfortable not talking to someone who’s chilling in the waiting area. I like hearing what potential Niblets and Niblettes (my nicknames for prospies) are interested in. I like sharing stories and a bowl of mixed ‘puppy chow’ with Ashley and my hall-mates, chatting with Conner over the phone about how ridiculous it is when umpires make a bad call because they’re out of position on the field, and even discovering why someone is so excited to be going somewhere other than here.

I love sharing what makes me smile, and Conco definitely makes me smile. And if you spend even a little time here, you’ll find I’m not the only one who feels that it’s always a great day to be a Cobber!


My Response to the How I Met Your Mother Finale

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A look at a couple Cobber's opinions on the How I Met Your Mother Finale

A look at a couple Cobber’s opinions on the How I Met Your Mother Finale

If you’re as big of a fan of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) as I am, you’ve probably got some strong feelings about the series finale that aired on Monday night.

Honestly, I still don’t know how I feel about it. I only hopped onto the the HIMYM bandwagon about three years ago when my friend Patrick suggested I start watching. Even though I am fairly new to the fan base, I still felt a connection to the characters and I’m sad to see the series end. I can’t tell you how many days I spent binge watching the first 8 seasons over my Christmas break last year to make sure I could remember everything for the upcoming 9th season.

For me, the HIMYM finale was as much of a disappointment as it was a success. The first reason I was disappointed  was because the finale made the whole series about Robin. It felt like I just spent nine seasons waiting to hear more about the amazing life that Ted had with Tracy (the Mother) to only find out that Tracy was nothing but a a side note to Ted’s love for Robin. I could have lived with Tracy dying, but I can’t live with it all being about Robin. Tracy seems so minimal in the the grand scheme of the series because it seems like this whole time, we’ve been listening to Ted tell a story of love all while asking his children’s permission to pursue their Aunt Robin.

I think the biggest disappointment for me, though, was Robin and Barney’s divorce. To me, their divorce completely erased three seasons of character development for Barney. His proposal to Robin in the 8th season completely threw me for a loop in the sense that I never imagined him to let go of who he was for love. Honestly, I didn’t imagine that Barney was capable of loving anyone other than himself.

As much as these were major disappointments in the series for me, they were also things that made me realize how much these characters have grown, and how this is the beginning of another journey for them. Yes, I’m disappointed that the past nine years have been devoted to asking permission to move on. Yes, I’m disappointed that Robin and Barney didn’t work out. But the importance of these greatly outweighs my disappointment. If you look back on the series, Ted has always been willing to sacrifice what he loves most in favor of those he loves. He sacrificed moving to Chicago for Tracy. He sacrificed his love for Robin by letting her go up to the top of Goliath National Bank to let Barney propose. He sacrificed his apartment when Lily and Marshall got married. I’m not saying that Tracy was a sacrifice for him, but rather Ted finally being gifted with someone who was not only a perfect match, but also someone who had loved and lost before as well. If you also remember, Tracy’s first love was Max. Ted and Tracy both sacrificed their first loves, willingly or not, only to meet someone who they were compatible with and who they were able to love.

Secondly, I’m partly glad that Barney and Robin didn’t work. Barney never said that he didn’t love Robin. In fact, he said that despite his love for her, the marriage just wasn’t working. As far as we know, Barney was completely faithful to Robin in their three years of marriage. Barney grew as much as he was thrown back in those few seconds it took to admit that it just wasn’t working. Carter Bays and Craig Thomas took those few seconds to show us how important honesty is in love. They showed us how important it is to be true to ourselves and to not change just to make someone else happy. Yes, the breakup was devastating. But Robin and Barney staying together for the sake of happy fans isn’t worth making two characters unhappy.

In the wise words of Ted Mosby, “love is the best thing we do”. While the finale was a disappointment, I think the series as a whole did its job in teaching viewers the importance of the relationships you build, and how sometimes you need to make those sacrifices and struggle to find your yellow umbrella.


It Was A Pretty Great Sunday

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Sarah and Matthew did an awesome job dancing during one of the choir's songs!

Sarah and Matthew did an awesome job dancing during one of the choir’s songs!

Usually I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off on Sundays, but this time around I would say it was a pretty good day!

Having my Chapel Choir friends come back from tour was a great enough way to start my day, but what made it even better was being able to attend their home concert here on campus. They had a pretty amazing selection of music–they did Cloudburst by Eric Whitacre and In the Beginning by Aaron Copland to name their two bigger pieces. If you didn’t get a chance to attend the concert, I highly recommend

watching the stream here; it was such an amazing concert! Not only did they showcase their talent with music, but some of the choir members danced during one of their pieces, and you could tell they put a lot of practice into making sure it was an amazing show!

The second reason it was an amazing Sunday was because of my Homecoming meeting. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m lucky enough to be serving on the Homecoming committee again this year as the

My friend Kevin gets pretty expressive when he sings!

My friend Kevin gets pretty expressive when he sings!

Design Coordinator. Last night as a fun activity we had Allison Richards, a senior here at Concordia, come in and lead the committee in some laughter yoga. Laughter yoga is a form of yoga that’s focused

more on posture and poses, but laughing at the same time. It was a great way to loosen up for the rest of the meeting. Who

Allison lead us through a fun "row the boat" section during laughter yoga--as you can see, the committee really got into it!

Allison lead us through a fun “row the boat” section during laughter yoga–as you can see, the committee really got into it!

doesn’t love to laugh? We’re trying really hard to collaborate more as a group, so after meeting individually we asked everyone to go around and write down ideas and feedback they might have for other committees. It was a good way to get our brains working! Next week, we’re going to (hopefully) start thinking of logo ideas–we’ve already decided on a theme, but that’s still classified information! 🙂 It’s going to be a great year for this year’s Homecoming committee, I can already tell!

“What’s Your Major?” Part 2

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With spring registration just around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m going to be doing with my life after I graduate. While it’s still a ways away, it’s a daunting thought. Growing up is proving to be a hard task for me–I’m constantly forgetting where I put things, I spend my nights building forts in Brown’s staff room, and I experience at LEAST one mini breakdown when things don’t go my way. I’m constantly asking myself “What am I going to do when I don’t have the structure of class to keep me going?”

I've got my schedules planned out for my remaining time at Concordia and it feels great!

I’ve got my schedules planned out for my remaining time at Concordia and it feels great!

No one is a wholehearted fan of change, but most people accept it. Something that I’ve recently had to accept was the realization that Social Work is not my calling. This also means a lot of things are going to change for me: my intended major, my career path, even my circle of connections is going to change. It’s an extremely scary thought–I had all these big plans for myself to go to grad school and get my Masters in Social Work, to work in the mental health field, to do all these things that would change the world.

What I didn’t think of was how happy I was going to be doing it. Don’t get me wrong–Social Work is an extremely rewarding carer path and it makes millions of people’s lives better every single day…but it just isn’t for me anymore. I’ve found that my strengths lie elsewhere–Multimedia Journalism and Communications to be exact–and I couldn’t be more comfortable and at ease with my decision.

Communications has always been something I’ve kept in the back of my mind, but I didn’t want to immediately default to Comm because I wanted to test my feet in other waters. Honestly, I’m glad I did–I’m taking my first Communications class this semester, and I’ve already fallen in love with it. Because I took classes in other areas, I know that I’m making the right choice because I just feel that much more comfortable with where I’m going. After speaking with my advisor about my other interests in Art and Writing, he suggested that I look into Multimedia Journalism, which takes

Here we go! :)

Here we go! 🙂

aspects from each field and made it into one. It was a no brainer–I would of course decide to major in both! And the nice thing about it is that Communications and Multimedia Journalism actually coincide very well together scheduling wise.

Growing up is hard. Deciding what I want to do with my life is that much harder. But I know that all these changes are going to eventually lead me to where I belong and where I’m going to excel. I’ll still be changing the world in my own little way, and I still hope to someday go to grad school. I just have to take it one day at a time. Knowing what I want major in (not necessarily what I want to do with it) makes the question “What’s your major?” less frightening. I don’t really think it should frighten anyone, really. It’s okay not to know what you want to do with your life. It just means you’re making sure you know what will make you happy.