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Skinny Jeans Can Make or Break You

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As I mentioned in my “Fit For A Cobber” post I’ve been working with a trainer and trying to revamp my lifestyle. One of the things I’ve been putting the most focus on is my level of physical fitness and my self-esteem level.

The jeans that made my day!

The jeans that made my day!

Back in April, I tried on this pair of skinny jeans that I absolutely LOVED. While I grudgingly accepted that I would probably need to get the biggest size we had in stock, I was confident that I would still be able to fit into those jeans. When I got in the fitting room and they were a good three inches away from

being able to button, my whole world seemed to come crashing down. I was disappointed in myself and I felt REALLY bad about the way I looked. Today, on a whim I decided to try on the same pair of pants, and to my amazement, they fit! I was really proud of myself for being able to fit into these jeans that I so badly wanted, but didn’t think I had a chance of wearing.

Fitting into those jeans made me think of a lot of things. First off, it made me realize that my hard work really is paying off.  Secondly, it made me think of how much image affects people’s lives day to day. It made me wonder why I’m doing what I’m doing. Am I doing it for myself, or am I doing it because it’s what society wants me to do?

We live in a society where everyone obsesses about the way they look. I hear “I’m too fat for these jeans” and “I hate my (insert body part here)” on a daily basis. It makes me sad that people feel so badly about themselves that they see the negatives of how something looks before they see that the color makes their eyes brighter or that the shape of a shirt gives them an excellent figure.

While I know that I’m working out for myself and not for anyone else, it still makes me sad that I even had to question my own motives. If there’s anything I wish I could ask my customers, it would be why they hate the way they look.

A couple weeks ago, a lot of my friends were posting something on Facebook about the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. Watching the video, it makes me realize how hard people really are on themselves. Someday, I hope that life isn’t like that for people. I want people to to be happy with their lives. I hope that someday, everyone is accepting of everyone. It may be a long road to travel, but hey. If it’s as good as indulging in a brownie every now and then, the journey will definitely be worth it.

Remember to love who you are!

“Fit” For a Cobber

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Being active is important–physically and socially. It’s actually a big part of being a healthy person as a whole. While I’ve always been pretty good at being socially active, I kind of let myself and my body down on the physical fitness part of my health. To be honest, this year kicked my butt when it came to fitness. I always made excuses about how I was “too tired” or “too busy” to go work out at Olson Forum over the school year, and because

I hung my goals list and a saying to remind me to be positive/happy by my light switch so I can see it every day!

I hung my goals list and a saying to remind me to be positive/happy by my light switch so I can see it every day!

of this (and the amazing food served in DS) I definitely gained my fair share of the freshman 15.

Over the past couple years, I haven’t exactly been living a positive lifestyle. It seemed like negativity kind of followed me around. After reading Geneva’s “Love Where You’re At” post, I decided to start loving where I’m at! And to do that, I needed to make a couple changes. Like Geneva said, it’s really important to make goals for yourself while still not wishing you were somewhere else, so I made fun goals like “Try to read at least two new books this summer” and “cut back on being negative–for each negative thought, think something positive”.

One of the biggest goals I made for myself is to try and work out at least three times a week. At this point in my life, I’m not happy with my fitness level, so I’m going to make my main goal be to better my level of physical fitness. Within that goal, I’ve made other small goals to kind of benchmark my progress, like running a mile in ten minutes or less and being able to make it up a flight of stairs without dying. In May, I signed up for a gym membership at Anytime Fitness, and because they’re open 24/7, I’ve been trying to

I hung a little workout routine that I can do in my room on my wall by my desk to remind me to continue working out!

I hung a little workout routine that I can do in my room on my wall by my desk to remind me to continue working out!

work out after I get done with work, no matter how late. Of course, I got lazy and started cutting my workouts short, or not going at all. Because I really want to start being serious about this and live a

healthier lifestyle, I decided to sign up for a fitness trainer! I’ve got my first session today, and needless to say, I’m going to get my butt handed to me. But I am really excited! I’m pumped to start loving where I’m at!

Hometown And Cobber Friends!

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One of the many reasons I love Concordia is that it’s close to home. While it still is a three hour drive back to Litchfield, it’s a more reasonable drive than some of my other Cobber friends have. And because it is three hours away, I don’t feel the need to constantly go back home all the time.

Because Concordia is so close to Litchfield, quite a few people decide to come to Concordia, and it’s no surprise! Concordia offers so many different majors, along with an awesome study abroad program and such an active student life that everyone can find where they belong.

Me, Serena, Beth, Patrick, Cody, Anne, and Karissa at Cornstock this year! Patrick came to visit us :)

Me, Serena, Beth, Patrick, Cody, Anne, and Karissa at Cornstock this year! Patrick came to visit us 🙂

Coming to college, I was nervous about literally everything: if I would like my roommate, would I like my classes, would I even be able to make friends? I was always reassured that these feelings were normal and that I was freaking out for nothing–I’d make friends, my classes would be great, and I’d definitely find some activity that I loved to participate in. But, being the pessimist that I tend to be, I was still worried.

Something that reassured me was that my friend Rachael would be coming to Concordia with me. Don’t get me wrong, we each have our separate friends groups and we have our activities, but she’s always been someone that I feel like I can lean on, no matter what.

Next year, I have two more friends joining me at Concordia! My friend Patrick has decided to transfer to Concordia, and my friend Phil will be an incoming freshman! Needless to say, I’m excited 🙂 It was great to have Rachael with me to experience freshman year, and I’m ecstatic to have Phil and Patrick join us at Concordia as well!

Connections at Concordia are extremely important, and so easy to make. Everyone on campus is so friendly and so willing to help you with whatever you need. Relationships here at Concordia are beyond easy to form–everyone genuinely cares about who you are as a person and help you make the best out of the time we have here. Because of this, I feel like I

Rachael and I were zombies for Livedalen's Haunted House!

Rachael and I were zombies for Livedalen’s Haunted House!

know the friends I made during my freshman year just as well as I know Rachael, Phil, or Patrick.

So, if you’re worried about making friends at Concordia, don’t be. And if you’re nervous about talking to people–come find me when you get to campus! I’ll be happy to show you around and share with you all the things I love about this place I happen to call home.

And to Phil and Patrick: Congratulations on being all signed up for next year! I can’t wait to see you in the fall 🙂


You Know You’re Becoming an Adult When…

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You get excited about buying new cookware.

I got all of this awesome cookware for less than $60!  I was pretty proud of myself :)

I got all of this awesome cookware for less than $60! I was pretty proud of myself 🙂

I’ve been in the Townhouses two and a half weeks now, and so far, it’s been great! I get the experience of having roommates, but I have my own room so I can have complete privacy when I need it.

After moving into my townhouse, my roommate Katelynn and I went on a huge grocery shopping spree. We bought all this food and had all these big ideas of what we were going to cook for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the rest of the summer. We had big plans to make tacos, grilled chicken, pancakes bake

millions of cakes and bars—if it’s food, you can bet we had plans to make it.

When we got home and had unloaded our haul, we realized we had forgotten a key part of being able to cook: the cooking utensils.

Needless to say, we were a little disappointed. We had a fridge and cupboards full of delicious food, yet nothing to make them in. While Katelynn caved and bought a single pan, but I held out for a while. With work and everything else going on, I was content with eating quick meals.

All the good food we bought was really hard to ignore, so I finally caved and bought some cookware. I never knew how hard it was to choose simple things like pots and pans. Not to mention we seem to keep forgetting other key things that are necessary for cooking, like tin foil, can openers, and different types of spices.

One of my roommates, Katelynn, testing out her cooking skills! Looks like chicken alfredo for dinner :)

One of my roommates, Katelynn, testing out her cooking skills! Looks like chicken alfredo for dinner 🙂

I never realized how much you really need when you want to live on your own. I find myself making numerous trips to Wal-Mart to get little things that I need to cook–things that I used to use without

really thinking about how I would cook without them. I mean, how often do you really think of how difficult it would be to make a simple box of mac & cheese without a measuring cup, a pot, and something to stir it with? We’re definitely going to make our share of mistakes in the next three months, but I’m excited to see what we can accomplish! Wish us luck! 🙂

Summer Playlist

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Since I’ve been walking and biking most places, I’ve been listening to a lot more music than I usually do. It’s nice to have something to do during the long walk back home, and I’ve been discovering a lot of new favorites (and a few old favorites as well). Since I have a pretty amazing taste in music, I figured I should share my summer playlist. Technically, my actual summer playlist on my iPod is like 90 songs, so I cut it down a bit!

  1. Home – Phillip Phillips.
  2. She is Love – Parachute (acoustic version)
  3. Ho Hey – The Lumineers
  4. Gone Gone Gone – Phillip Phillips
  5. Two Princes – Spin Doctors
  6. Just the Girl – Click Five
  7. Hold On – Phillip Phillips
  8. Just Give Me a Reason – P!nk, Nate Ruess
  9. If You’re Out There – John Legend
  10. What Would You Say – DMB
  11. Stubborn Love – The Lumineers
Definitely the album of the summer for me!

Definitely the album of the summer for me!

What are some of your favorite summer jams?