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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Posted in Mackenzie McCloud on December 20th, 2014 by Mackenzie McCloud – Be the first to comment
As much as we argue, I absolutely love my not-so-little little brother.

As much as we argue, I absolutely love my not-so-little little brother.

Sometimes I’m super forgetful – like, super DUPER forgetful. I forget tons of things all the time. One thing I’ve never forgotten, though, is how much my family and friends mean to me.

I told myself when I was a senior in high school that I was going to leave Georgia. I was going to find somewhere I could grow, somewhere I could be free to fly (or fall on my face) and reap all of the lessons from it. I didn’t realize until now, though, that I was experiencing one of the most confusing parts of ‘Senioritis,’ which is ‘Deposit Submission’ tunnel vision. Some common symptoms include unwavering excitement for college, creating multiple and largely unnecessary Pinterest boards to organize information you’ll need to ensure the best years of your youth, continuous repacking of college-bound belongings, and scouring of the course catalog while you pretend you have your life figured out – or realizing you totes don’t. Although rare, some incoming freshmen may also experience the urge to laugh manically while discussing plans for college.

Okay, I didn’t have that last one, but everything else is pretty much true. When it came to college, to my future, I was full-speed ahead, with dreams of corn cobs dancing in my head. It wasn’t until a few weeks into my first semester that I felt it: the little twist in my stomach. Initially, I thought I’d just eaten too much food in DS, but feeling still didn’t go away. It’s obvious now, of course, what I was feeling. I missed home. I missed the hours upon hours of laughter and insanity that softball road trips brought my mom and me. I missed the complete and utter safeness that can only come from a father’s hug. I missed goofing off – and fighting – with my brothers. I missed the teammates and classmates who’d been there for me for years, coaches who’d taught me just as much as all of my favorite teachers. I missed all of the people – neighbors, tutors, any and all familiar faces – from my southern city that had made my life even a tiny bit better. And I really missed my pets.

It’s understandable. It’s normal. So why does my stomach still have a small pinched feeling?

It’s because I miss home.

I miss talking with my classmates and my professors, sometimes trying to solve the problems of the world in one hour-and-ten-minute class. I miss the giddy feeling that comes with seeing the Cobber softball field and my new teammates. I miss laughing and chatting into the wee hours of the morning with my friends. And I really miss DS.

I’m beyond excited to be back in Sharpsburg, drinking real sweet tea, surrounded by all the people – and animals – I’ve missed so very much. ‘Happy’ doesn’t even come close to describing it.

That said, I’m looking forward to hearing the reliable ringing every Cobber knows so well.